The abuse of the elderly in nursing homes is not a new phenomenon and it is increasing as our population ages. MDR LAW LLC is committed to making nursing homes safer. We believe our elders should be treated with respect, not improper health care, inadequate nutrition or physical abuse.

When selecting a nursing home or assisted living facility, most people are concerned about the quality of care they or their loved ones will receive. Nursing home residents are often vulnerable to abuse and neglect from understaffed facilities or improperly trained or careless personnel. At
MDR LAW LLC, we can help clients who have been seriously injured by negligence, abuse or improper care at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We also assist loved ones in pursuing compensation when nursing home negligence has led to a wrongful death.

Your loved ones in a nursing home or assisted living facility deserve to be treated with quality care, dignity and respect.
MDR LAW LLC will work hard for you to ensure that you obtain a fair and adequate result in the event that you or a loved one was improperly or inappropriately treated, abused or neglected by a nursing home or assisted living facility.